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Changes and Improvements in Timekeeper version 0.8

15 November 2000

This document describes the extensive changes to Timekeeper released as version 0.8 in April 98. Later changes are described in Version 0.81 Changes.

Changes available in the Program

TDPGM.MDB Version 0.80

Make Transfer Form

Fixed a problem with the changes introduced in version 0.73. Both the option for entering a service and the move all transactions option incorrectly computed the member balance. If you experienced this problem you can correct the balances with the fix balances command in the Utility.

TDPGM.MDB Version 0.79

Make Report Form

Fixed a problem with the Mailing Label report. The sorting options did not work for this report.

TDPGM.MDB Version 0.78

Make Report Form

Added a report giving the service transactions during a period. This is like the report on Time Dollars but it counts the transactions themselves instead of the Time Dollars involved in the transactions.

Added yet another passbook report. This one also has the address where it shows in a window envelope.

The new report has two new fields in the header, Member Activity and Total Activity. Activity is the sum of the credits and debits. A person with 2 credits and two debits has a balance of zero but an Activity of 4. Total Activity is the sum of all the activity for all the passbooks in the report. Members can see what part they are contributing as both providers and recipients.

In addition, the new report lets you send a message to the members. This message will be in a box on the passbook. You enter the message in a dialog box that appears when you preview or print the report. The message is retained so you do not have to enter it unless you change it. If there is no message then there is no box on the passbook.

Match Provider Form

Changed the order of the potential providers in the Match Provider form. They are now in order of the Time Dollars they received as Providers in the previous 3 months starting with no Time Dollars. This will encourage giving work to those members who have not been active recently.

Added a way to find a recipient with a need as well as a provider with a service. If you choose a provider you now get a little message in red which says needs. A search under these conditions will get a list of recipients that need the service and are compatible with the provider for site or language, etc. Clicking someone in the list will fill in the recipient box instead of the provider box. You must choose the provider using the Find button under the provider box for needs to happen.

Fixed problem with an unnecessary horizontal scroll bar.

Member Form

Fixed a problem with the scroll bar which appears when there are more attributes or services than will fit in the space provided. The scroll bar was there but it did not work.

TDPGM.MDB Version 0.75

Make Report Form

Added a button Report Data. You select a report and then click this button instead of Preview Report. One or two files will be written in the directory which holds tdpgm.mdb. The files contain the raw data for the report. The files are in the Comma Delimited List format that most programs will accept. The first record gives the names of the columns.

Added a passbook report with a layout which will show the address in a window envelope.

Changes available in the Utility

TDUTIL.MDB Version 0.77

Added a way to merge two Timekeeper Databases. This is quite experimental. If you think you might need such a function you should contact me before trying anything.

Changes to the Database Version

If you are upgrading from a version before 0.7 of the program and utility, synchronize will have to update your database. This means you must have TDSTRUC.MDB Version 0.7 in order to do the update.

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