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Changes and Improvements in Timekeeper version 0.81

15 November 2000

Changes in the Program

TDPGM.MDB Version 0.81

Make Reports Form

Made it possible to do by services for just one Site or Organization.

Made a change to eliminate duplicates when using Attributes Any.

Fixed a bug that caused reports for a time period to fail to include the last day of the time period.

Added by Service to the sort and group options for the report Member addresses grouped.

Member Form

Changed the default availability for new members to be anytime.

Changes to the Database Version

If you are upgrading from a version before 0.7 of the program and utility, synchronize will have to update your database. This means you must have TDSTRUC.MDB Version 0.7 in order to do the update. If you are upgrading from a version before 0.8 you will need a new TDUTIL.MDB.

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