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Changes and Fixes in Timekeeper versions 1.30 to 1.35

15 November 2000

Changes and Fixes in the Program

TkProgram Version 1.35

Fixed a problem which can happen when making changes using the Member Address form. A second change to the same member in the same Timekeeper session might cause an fatal error in Timekeeper.

Tried to make a better error message when the program is run before Finish Installation is run in the Utility.

TkProgram Version 1.33

Added a report showing member phone numbers and eMail addresses.

TkProgram Version 1.32

Added a report showing members providing a Service.

TkProgram Version 1.30

Made many changes so that several client programs and even the Internet Timekeeper can access a single Timekeeper database at the same time.

Changes and Fixes in the Utility

TkUtility Version 1.35

Fixed a problem which prevented the Backup function from working. This problem was introduced in version 1.30.

Changed the Customization option so it makes a better error message when customization is tried without having a full version of Microsoft Access 97 installed.

TkUtility Version 1.34

Removed all references to the Common Dialog OCX. This was the cause of fatal errors which happened on some computers when trying to run the Utility.

TkUtility Version 1.33

Added a function to fix dates for 2000 which appear to be in 1900. This was caused by the Y2K problems of Version 0.81.

TkUtility Version 1.31

Added a function which customizes TkProgram. Creating an Anglicized version and to allow searching for members by User Number are examples of customization.

TkUtility Version 1.30

Fixed a problem which could keep find from working for a member if the user number were set to empty. This problem only appears if find is allowed for user numbers.

Changes to the Database Version

The Timekeeper Database version was changed to 1.3. An eMail address was added to the Member table. A Web Page address was added to the Member Address table. A Site Phone Number was added to the Site table. Several fields and a table were added for use by the Internet Timekeeper. In version 1.2 a Census Track was added to the Member table.

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