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Changes and Improvements in Timekeeper version 2.14

12 March 2004

This document describes the changes to Timekeeper released as Timekeeper version 2.14 in March 2004. The most important change is compatibility with Access 2000 and later. Some of you have had Access 2000 versions of Timekeeper for some time but this the first time I have provided them on the web.

Fixes in the Program

Newly entered members could disappear. Changes were made in the Member, Organization and Site forms to fix one possible cause of this problem. I am not certain that was the only cause.

Fixed a problem where a null Organization address in report headers would cause Timekeeper to crash.

Fixed a problem in the Assignment form where a null Last Name would cause a crash when entering credits.

Fixed a problem in the Assignment form which under Access 2000 caused Timekeeper to hang the second time the form was used. This problem did not exist under Access 97.

Changes to the Program

A new menu item, Current Database, was added under the Help menu. It gives the full file name of the user data attached to the program.

Changes to Reports

Sorting by first and last name was added to the Services with Providers report.

Added some new versions of existing reports using larger fonts.

Changes to the Utility

In fix dates the dates 1900 to 1909 are converted to 2000 to 2009.

Added Convert to File under the View menu. This function converts all of your user data to a simple text file. The primary purpose is to transfer data to the Internet Timekeeper.

General Changes

Timekeeper version 2.14 was created using Access 2002. The files were converted to the Access 2000 format for everyone who wants to use them with Access 2000 or later. The files were converted to Access 97 format for those who want to use the run-time-only version of Access 97.

The utility and the program recognize database version 1.3 and 2.1 as being up to date. They will work with existing Timekeeper 1.36 data without conversion and it is possible have both version 1.36 and version 2.14 share the same user data.

Previous Changes and Improvements

For the change history for Timekeeper 97 see Timekeeper 97 Changes, Version 1.35 Changes and Version 1.36 Changes.

For the change history of versions before Timekeeper 97 see Version 0.81 Changes , Version 0.8 Changes and Version 0.73 Changes.

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