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Timekeeper for Time Dollar

8 October 2005


I am Kent Gordon. I created the Timekeeper program because I believe in the Time Dollar concept. I provide Timekeeper free of charge to Time Dollar organizations.

I urge all of you who have the Timekeeper program, or are thinking about getting it, to e-mail your questions or suggestions or problems. My e-mail address is


Timekeeper for Time Dollar is a program for keeping member accounts for Time Dollar members and for matching Providers to Recipients.

The current version of Timekeeper is based on Microsoft Access 2002. The previous versions were based on Access 97 and before that on Access 2.0. Timekeeper is a Microsoft Windows program which will run under Windows 95 and 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium and Windows XP. Version 2.14 is the current version of Timekeeper.

I have a newer version of Timekeeper. I am not quite ready (10/1/05) to make version 2.24 the standard version. If you are interested in the very latest Timekeeper see Timekeeper 2.24.

For those of you in the UK there are installation and update files with a Timekeeper modified for UK address nomenclature.

I have an experimental version of an Internet Timekeeper.


If you want to use the Timekeeper program for your Time Dollar organization you can download a copy. You will need to get a user ID and a password from me, When you ask for a password would you tell me where your organization is located and something about the group it is serving.

I provide two options for installing Timekeeper on your computer. If you have Microsoft Access 2000 or later you can download the Access 2000 install. Otherwise you can download a complete installation which includes a run-time-only version of Access 97.

If you wish to use Timekeeper on several machines on a LAN see installing Timekeeper on a LAN. Those of you in the UK might want to check out Timekeeper customization.


The changes in Timekeeper 2.14 are quite minor so unless you have a good reason to update your copy of Timekeeper I would suggest you do not bother. For more information see changes and improvements.

Version 2.14 is NOT an update to the so called Timekeeper upgrade, the version with fancy graphics on some of the forms. If you have that version and update to version 2.14 you will lose those fancy graphics and some of the capabilities. I may be able to provide an update for that version sometime in the future (see Timekeeper 2.24).

Your update options depend on which Timekeeper you have and whether you have Access 2000 or later. If you have Access 2000 you might want to use it instead of the run-time-only Access 97 because the two versions sometimes argue over which is the default Access or because you may wish to use your Access to view or modify Timekeeper.

For updating your Timekeeper I provide four different files to download. Which to use depends on your version of Timekeeper.

Versions 1.31 to 1.38. Most of you have Timekeeper 1.36. If you have Access 2000 or later your might wish to use the Access 2000 update. Otherwise you should use the Access 97 update.

Versions before 1.3. A few of you may still have version 0.81. If you have Access 2000 or later you might wish to use the Access 2000 install. Otherwise you need to use the complete installation.

Versions 2.1 to 2.13 can use the Access 2000 update.

Versions 1.36.08 or 2.21, the Timekeeper upgrade. This is the version with fancy graphics on some of the forms. For updates to the Timekeeper upgrade see Timekeeper Version 2.24.

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