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12 March 2004

I receive many inquiries about a Timekeeper for the internet. Because of this interest I started working on a Timekeeper for the internet. By 2000 I could demonstrate a program which would provide approximately the same capabilities as the Access Timekeeper. Since then I have demonstrated this program to 10 to 15 Time Dollar organizations. I currently have only one user of my Timekeeper for the internet.

My internet Timekeeper is a Perl program which used a MySQL database. I know it will run on an Apache server on either a Windows or Linix system. It will probably run on any server which supports Perl cgi.

With this program a Time Dollar organization could maintain their data on a remote server and perform all necessary operations over the internet. Since all operations includes things that most users should not be allowed to do my program provides an extensive set of user capabilities so limits can be places on each user.

My internet Timekeeper program is not aimed at the average Time Dollar member. It could be used to provide some limited functions to that average member but it is really intended to serve the same people who use the Access Timekeeper. I was thinking of the director of a Time Dollar organization who could now do after work on their home computer anything they could do at their office or the person who would like to do data entry work but can not go to an office.

Since I have been unsuccessful in turning inquiries into users my concept of an internet Timekeeper must not correspond to what most people are thinking. There are now other efforts underway to provide an internet interface for Time Dollars. I do not know if my internet Timekeeper has any future.

If you wish to discuss my internet Timekeeper please send an eMail to

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