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File Information for Timekeeper

8 October 2005

This page discusses the various files needed to run Timekeeper on your computer. The Timekeeper 97 installation normally places these files in C:\Program Files\Timekeeper.

Files normally on your computer

TkProgram.mdb The Timekeeper program connected to your data.
TkUserData.mdb Your data. You should make regular backups of this file. When TkUserData does not exist an empty TkUserData is created from TkInitialize. This usually happens when Timekeeper is installed on your computer.
TkUtility.mdb The Timekeeper Utility program. It is used to perform various administrative tasks including backup.
TkStructure.mdb The empty data structure used by TkUtility. TkStructure is used whenever TkUtility needs to convert a data file in an obsolete format to the format expected by TkProgram.
TkInitialize.mdb The initial data. It includes the initial lists of services and attributes. TkInitialize is not used when TkUserData exists.
TkDemoPgm.mdb A Timekeeper program to use for learning and demonstrations.
TkDemoData.mdb The data for the demonstration program.
Timekeeper.chm The help file if you have version 2.24.
Readme.txt A text file containing notes about Timekeeper.

Files that might also be on your computer

TkUserData.old A backup file for TkUserData created when it is necessary to update the format of TkUserData.
TkDemoData.old A backup file for TkDemoData
TkTemp9.mdb A temporary file which should only exist while TkUtility is running.

For each .MDB file there can be a .LDB file. These normally only exist while Timekeeper is running. They might remain if something terminated abnormally. They can be ignored.

Timekeeper 97 menu in your Start menu

The Timekeeper 97 installation will put a Timekeeper 97 menu in your Start menu. The Timekeeper 97 menu will have the following commands:

Timekeeper for Time Dollars
This is the program you normally use. Runs TkProgram with TkUserData as data.
Timekeeper Utility
Used to perform various administrative tasks. Runs TkUtility. Normally references TkUserData but may reference other files as well.
Timekeeper Demo
Used for learning and demonstrations. Runs TkDemoPgm with TkDemoData as data.

Timekeeper using Access 2000

If you install Timekeeper using Access 2000 or later or update your existing Timekeeper to run using Access 2000 you must create your own shortcuts.

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