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Timekeeper on a LAN

12 March 2004

Timekeeper may be used on a Local Area Network. The normal arrangement would be to keep the database file, TkUserData, on the server and to run the Timekeeper user interface programs on one or more client machines. To create such an installation:

  1. Install Timekeeper on one of the client machines.
  2. Move the file TkUserData to your server. It is best to then delete or rename the TkUserData on the client machine so it can not get confused with your real user data which is now on the server.
  3. Run the Timekeeper Utility. Select the TkUserData on the server as the data file. Click attach data to program. Now the Timekeeper program is using the data on the server.
  4. If you need more clients then install Timekeeper on each additional client. Then delete the empty TkUserData and use the Utility to attach the Program to the TkUserData on the server.

If you are updating an existing Timekeeper running on a LAN here are some suggestions:

  1. Locate the TkProgram, TkUtility and TkUserData you are really using.
  2. Replace that TkProgram and TkUtility.
  3. Using the new TkUtility attach TkUserData to the new TkProgram.
  4. If you are switching to Access 2000 make new shortcuts which do not use the run-time-only Access 97.

Setup will normally install Timekeeper in C:\Program Files\Timekeeper\. See Timekeeper files for the files in the Timekeeper folder.

Whenever you use the Timekeeper utility you will need to select the TkUserData on the server as the data file. The Utility looks for TkUserData in the Timekeeper folder on the client. When it does not find this file it shows an empty box for the user data. This is why is is a bad idea to have an unused TkUserData in the Timekeeper folder on the client.

You could install Timekeeper on the server and use the Timekeeper Utility and Program from there as well as on the client machines.

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