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Installing Timekeeper 97

27 March 2004

Use this file if you do not have Access 2000 or later and either do not have Timekeeper or your Timekeeper is before version 1.3.

This installation file is a single zipped file containing the components described in Timekeeper Files and the many files needed by the run-time-only Microsoft Access 97. All the mdb files are in the Access 97 file format. Perform the following steps to download and install Timekeeper:

  1. Download the 9.7MB self extracting zip file, Tk2p14A97z.exe. You will need to obtain a User ID and Password from before proceeding. In the UK use TkA2p14A97z.exe.
  2. Run Tk2p14A97z to unzip the files. You can unzip to where ever you keep temporary files. This will create a folder Tk2p14 containing the installation files. Just remember where you put it.
  3. If you are installing Timekeeper on this machine find the folder Tk2p14 and in it find the application setup.exe and run setup. There are several files named setup. You want the one with type application and an icon like a computer and a box of floppies. When setup is finished you will see just a Readme file.
  4. Before you can use the Timekeeper Program you must first run the Timekeeper Utility and click the button Finish Installation. You can now use the Program and the Demo program. To run the Timekeeper programs use the shortcut placed in your Start menu under Timekeeper 97.
  5. You may delete the temporary directory Tk2p14 after finishing the installation.
  6. If you are installing Timekeeper on a different machine, copy the contents of the folder Tk2p14 to a Zip disk or a writable CD. There is about 20MB of files so you can not use a floppy. You should then be able to install directly from the Zip disk or CD.

Setup will normally install Timekeeper 97 in C:\Program Files\Timekeeper\. If you wish to use Timekeeper on several machines on a LAN see installing Timekeeper on a LAN. Those of you in the UK might want to check out Timekeeper customization.

If you are using a version of Timekeeper before 1.0 then you can get your data into Timekeeper 97 using the restore function of the Timekeeper utility. See repairing Timekeeper data for information about problems which might be in your old data and how to fix them.

If you think there are ways in which these instructions could be made more clear please send an eMail to

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