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About Version 2.24

8 October 2005

Version 2.24 of Timekeeper has several significant improvements. It provides the report wizard of the so called Timekeeper upgrade as an alternate to the report interface of the previous Timekeeper. It provides the report style of the Timekeeper upgrade as an alternate to the report style of the previous Timekeeper. The alternate report style can be used from either report interface. The F1 key now shows form specific help for most of the forms. There is a new Timekeeper demo. For a more detailed description of the changes see Version 2.24 changes. Note that there were a lot of changes. You might encounter a bug or two.

Version 2.24 can be used to update versions 2.14 and before. It can also be used to update the Timekeeper upgrade. The Timekeeper upgrade might say version 1.36.08 or 2.21. This is the version with fancy graphics on some of the forms. I made a mistake in version numbers so there are two Timekeepers labeled version 2.21. A Timekeeper upgrade which was distributed on CD and an earlier experimental copy of 2.24.

Version 2.24 has changes in the database format. The new format will not work with any of the previous versions of timekeeper. The Timekeeper Utility will convert any previous database format to the latest 2.2 database.

Version 2.24 is only available for Access 2000 or later. I do not have (and may never have) a 2.24 for the run-time-only Access 97. There is a single zip file for both update and install. Follow the instructions for Version 2.24 update or install.

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