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Updating Timekeeper using Access 2000

27 March 2004

To use this update file your current Timekeeper must be version 1.31 to 2.13. You must also have Access 2000 or later. A run-time-only version of Access 2002 came with Timekeeper 2.1. Otherwise you must supply the Access yourself.

The update file is a single zipped file containing TkProgram and TkUtility for version 2.14. The files are in the Access 2000 file format. Perform the following steps to update your Timekeeper:

  1. Download the 890KB zip file, You will need to obtain a User ID and Password from before proceeding. In the UK use
  2. Unzip Tk1p14A2Ku. You should be able to unzip it directly into your current Timekeeper folder replacing the old copies of TkUtility and TkProgram. Be sure you are well backed up. Your current Timekeeper is probably in "C:\Program Files\Timekeeper".
  3. If your Timekeeper is before 2.0 then open TkUtility using your Access 2000. In TkUtility click Finish Installation. If your Timekeeper is 2.11 you can use your existing Start menu shortcut to run TkUtility.
  4. Unless you have Timekeeper 2.11 you can not use the Start menu shortcuts to the Timekeeper program and utility. They will try to use the run-time-only Access 97 and you have just installed Access 2000 files. If you want shortcuts you will need to make your own.

If you using Timekeeper on several machines on a LAN see installing Timekeeper on a LAN. Those of you in the UK might want to check out Timekeeper customization.

If you think there are ways in which these instructions could be made more clear please send an eMail to

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