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What is the Time Dollar Network?

15 November 2000

Redefining Work

How can we redefine work that all who are willing to help others can earn sufficient purchasing power and secure a decent standard of living?

That is the question that drives Time Dollars.

The Global Market Economy

Right now, global market economy defines what work is, who works, how much one earns and what standard of living one can enjoy. Events beyond our control determine the worth of the dollar and the worth of our labor. Under this market economy, millions of people -- senior citizens, teens, single heads of household, the disabled, the unemployed -- have been designated as 'takers' and consigned to the scrap heap for using society's resources without giving back. We believe that these 'takers' are productive human beings who have been desempowered by institutional barriers.

Rewarding Labor Outside the Market Economy

We also believe that our society has to value and reward labor that the market economy does not pay for: reaching out to families at risk caring for latchkey children learning making democracy work keeping neighborhoods safe and clean dealing with AIDS taking care of our elderly

Much of this work used to be done in the home, by families, by neighbors, by extended family and by the elderly. Much of this work was and is exacted unjustly by the subordination of women and minorities.

The Time Dollars Mobilization

Time Dollars is mobilizing the vast reservoir of human talent untapped by the market economy to rebuild the infrastructure of caring and trust that holds us together. Through a new tax-exempt currency called Time Dollars, decency can now be rewarded as automatically as self-interest already is.

How You Can Help

And you can be part of this exciting new concept by starting a Time Dollar project in your community, or by making it possible for others to implement their own inovative programs.

Contact Time Dollar now and we'll send you all the information you'll need to start the ball rolling!

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